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Hooper Golf Club

166 Prospect Hill Rd.

Walpole, NH 03608

please call 603 756 4080 for tee times


Hooper Golf Club

PO Box 311

Walpole, NH   03608


Dear Members and Friends of the Hooper Property,

The Board of Directors wants to thank you for your continued support. Hooper is a very special place to all of us. It would be a huge loss if we could not continue to use the property for golf, cross country skiing and other outdoor activities.

As the 2015 season comes to a close the club finds itself in a similar revenue situation to last year. We are low on cash. The board feels that some of this is due to the several years of uncertainty we have had regarding lease renewals and sale of the property.  One of the expenses not stayed on top of is rent and the trustees have stated their unwillingness to negotiate our lease for next year (see attached letter). The board has continued to do its best to reduce expenses and increase revenues, as you will see below.

            For the 2015 season, we set an expense budget of $220,000. Our expected total expenses through year-end, if all goes as expected, will be about $225,000, meaning we were off budget by only 2%.

Our memberships for 2015 were up slightly from last year, mainly due to the new 26-32 year old rate and the new-member rate promotions. Greens fee were up by about $3600, even with our late start.  Our total revenue was about $11,000 over expected.

We incurred unexpected repair costs and in the end had to purchase both a greens mower and a rough mower. These specialized mowers were very expensive, and as a result our lease payments increased from $840 per month to approximately $2300 per month. We also had winter damage to our irrigation system that had to be repaired, the cost of which was way over budget. These expenses amounted to approximately $12,000 in cash outlay.

            We must come together to raise upwards of $25,000 to cover expenses through the end of the year. At this juncture, the property has not been sold, which means we will have to continue working with the trustees and town.

            We are discussing some ideas to help increase memberships, such as offering a discounted membership at Hooper if you belong to another course, and continuing the new-member discounted rate. We are also considering something similar to what another area club did, which was to reduce the fee for membership, with the proviso that if the number of memberships do not meet the revenue goal, an assessment would be required (our understanding is this club did have to make an assessment, however the total outlay was still less than the previous year’s membership dues). We will continue to be creative with greens fee rates during the week to attract more golfers. If you have any ideas how we can increase revenue, please reach out to a board member.

We are asking all Hooper Golf Club members to contribute $150, and our community supporters to contribute generously as well. We hope all of you will help in whatever way you can so that we can enjoy a full activities season at Hooper next year.

Thank you again for your continued support of the Hooper property.




Hooper Golf Club Board of Directors


Jeff Miller, Holly Piccirillo, Karin Williams, Bob Harrington, Bill Therrien, Noel Cassidy, Fred Szmit, Tom Goins, Rich Francis, Shawn Keniston


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